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              About Huaxing

              About us

              About Huaxing

              Huaxing Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993, headquartered in the state high tech Zone - Huizhou Zhongkai hi tech Industrial Development Zone, the company has a wholly owned subsidiary of Huizhou Huaxing Industrial Co., Ltd. communication Huizhou Hua Chen Real Estate Development Company Limited, Ganzhou Huaxing Industrial Co., Ltd. Huizhou huaqianshu Wine Co. Ltd., Huizhou City thousands of trees and other industrial Co. ltd..

              Huaxing Group Huizhou Huaxing Communication Industrial Co., the company focused on wireless interphone accessories, electronic products and special lighting product development, manufacturing and sales, has now been set for the development of special lighting, professional electronic products manufacturing of private high-tech enterprises. Products are widely used in government agencies, public safety, transportation, commercial and personal users, etc.;

              2013 Huaxing Group's Real Estate Company launched Huachen Huachen - in the flower with commercial and residential projects; 2013, Huaxing Group to build Gannan regional tourism industry eco industrial chain, October 2013 Huaxing Group vineyard Nankang Industrial Park project officially started. Huaxing Group's 1000 flower tree wine company, the main wine production and sales.

              China Star Group carries out strategic diversification investment, involving industrial, real estate, ecological industry, tourism, investment and other multi-channel, diversified group companies. Since its start, China Star brand value and enterprise competitiveness continue to rise. Huaxing Group is a personnel oriented, professional, quality oriented strategy, and constantly strive to provide the community with good products and services.


              Huaxing company
              地址:Zhong Kai Hi-tech Development Zone, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province Huaxing Road on the 3rd