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              To be efficient battery ""

              Modern choosing a theory of "battery", said the person's life only to charge "dry cell" has been in the past, only to become a highly efficient "battery", continuously continuous charging, to continuously release energy. Therefore, only by strengthening the learning, can we constantly surpass ourselves, keep pace with The Times, and make due contributions to the construction of the army.

              However, in actual work, some officers and soldiers think they have the same knowledge and can cope with work without studying. Some think that doing is more important than learning, learning doesn't matter; Others complain that they have no time to study because they are busy at work. All these are the manifestations of rigid thinking, which must not keep up with the trend of The Times.

              A strong man is a strong man, but a man's talent is his army. No matter how the future war shape evolves, how the arms are developed, the key factor that determines the outcome of the war is still human. As a result, every soldiers only to strengthen the knowledge of crisis and abilities of panic, of "charge", maintain "live and learn", like a breath of fresh air, keep learning, do dry dry, in high school, learn non-stop ability strong quality, army and army to become useful workers. Of course, we should not only be diligent in "charging", but also be good at "discharge", and effectively apply what we have learned into work practice to prevent learning from being out of touch and "two skins". Only in this way can we truly transform learning outcomes into tangible creativity, cohesion and combat effectiveness.

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