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MaMé Naturals is an innovative beauty line comprised of plant-powered beauty products. Regardless of skin type, we offer a fresh alternative to the harsh ingredients of most cosmetic and skin care lines.

At MaMé Naturals, safety is our top priority. All of our products are developed in an ISO facility that complies with strict hygienic standards. Our ingredients are traceable from non-GMO sources and have been formulated to meet the standards of beauty companies in North America.

We believe every woman is beautiful, and our goal is to help you achieve healthy, flawless skin. We believe self-confidence is the best beauty accessory any woman can wear, and our products help yours shine. At the core of our brand is clean-beauty and sustainability and our promise is to continue to provide natural beauty products that work.

What's In A Name?

In certain parts of Africa, “MaMé” means “Grandmother.” Growing up, my own MaMé would brush my teeth with pure charcoal and use black castor oil on my skin and hair. When I was sick with common childhood illnesses, she would crush herbs, leaves, and shrubs, soak them in warm water, strain them, and give them to me to drink. Honestly, I hated them as a child because I couldn’t stand the smell - but my grandmother knew the value of natural ingredients. I was always healed of my ailments with zero side effects. MaMé Naturals operate in the same concept - we offer natural, holistic skincare products that are potent and effective, but gentle enough to even the most sensitive skin. Of course, we make sure they smell nice, too!

- Yetty Mary

Note From Founder

I immigrated to Canada many years ago as an international student. I had left everything and everyone I had known my entire young adult life to start a new life in Canada. It was extremely difficult for me, even though studying abroad was what I wanted and had hoped and prayed for. I remember the first few months being particularly hard, even though I was comfortably settled in school and all. I missed home so much.

For comfort, I turned to the one thing that I’ve always been crazily obsessed with: beauty. I would go down the beauty aisle, looking for new products to try and to add to my collection, especially considering that my skin had a lot of adapting to do. Disappointingly, it wasn’t too long before I realized that there aren’t too many diverse options out there for women like me: women of colour.

I started MaMé Naturals after the birth of my children, who I must say, are the centre of my world. Bearing and raising them back-to-back left signs of premature aging on my face. I sought products that were free of harsh ingredients and safe to use while breastfeeding. Most importantly, I sought products that were formulated for diverse skin tones. My search did not yield many results.
I then decided to take my background as an RN and my experience working with Registered Herbalists and Formulators to develop pure, proven, plant-powered anti-aging products that truly work without hurting my skin or my health.
I truly believe that it is very important for everyone to look into the world and to see themselves reflected in it and MaMé seeks to do just that.

- Mary